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Speak Up!

Everyone can feel a little “blue” sometimes, especially during the long, cold winter months.  But, make sure you know the warning signs of depression, such as sleeping more, decreased energy levels, and feelings of agitation and isolation.  Depression can affect anyone, at any age, and it is not your fault – so #SpeakUp by telling a friend, family member, or doctor.


Wait a Health Minute! Get Fit!

Wait a Health Minute! Think you don’t need to do anything to decrease your risk of asthma, heart disease, diabetes, & more?  Think again & Get Fit!


Crystal Run Healthcare Welcomes Two New Providers to Practice


For more information, contact: mailto:marketing@crystalrunhealthcare.com

Middletown, N.Y. – January 12, 2016 – Crystal Run Healthcare announces the addition of two new providers to the practice.  Joining Crystal Run Healthcare are the following:


In The News: 6 New Providers Join Crystal Run Healthcare

Health News from The Times Herald Record online : Crystal Run Healthcare has announced the addition of six new providers to the practice. View the full article here.


Hambletonian Marathon Announces 2016 Race Date


Contact: Kathleen Rifkin

845-527-3825 phone


Half Marathon Added to This Year's Event


Crystal Run Healthcare Oncologist, Dr. Marc Rappaport, addresses the "moonshot" initiative

The "moonshot" initiative and how should focus on cancer research, prevention, targeted therapies and early detection. Read the full article here.


Like any other health screening, don’t put off your colonoscopy!

The Times Herald Record reports on the realities of Colonoscopies. Read the full article here.


Speak Up!

At any age, it’s important to ask a trusted friend or family member to be your advocate so they can Speak Up and act in your best interest, when you can’t.


Employee Spotlight - Mandi Zaccagnino, RN

What has been the most important accomplishment in your career so far and?
The most important accomplishment in my career thus far is pursuit of higher education.

What is your favorite part of your job?
My favorite part of working at Crystal Run Healthcare is my team of co-workers, from clinical to non-clinical staff.

Employee Spotlight - Diane Perez, AP Coordinator

What made you choose a career in AP?
Math was one of my favorite subjects in school and I have always liked working with numbers.

What is your favorite part about working at Crystal Run Healthcare?
I have been at Crystal Run Healthcare for over 3 years but it definitely feels longer.  There has been so much growth since I first started in 2012.   I  have seen many changes within my own department and look forward to the many more to come.