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New Patient Registration Forms

To help you get a jump-start on the check-in process for your to Crystal Run Healthcare, our Patient Registration forms are now available online.

Please complete, print, and bring the provided forms to your visit and hand them in at check-in. Please remember to bring your current insurance card and referral (if required) with you as well payment for your copay and a photo ID. Should you have any questions, please feel free to ask the front desk upon arrival.

Medical Records

Having medical records sent to Crystal Run from another provider or facility, or to another provider from Crystal Run requires that the patient complete, sign, and submit the appropriate release form.

Authorization for Crystal Run to Release Protected Health Information

Pathology Slides/Block Consent and Release Form

To have your Pathology Slides sent to another facility or provider outside of Crystal Run Healthcare, please fill complete and return this form.

The form should be mailed  along with a copy of the pathology report to:

Crystal Run Healthcare
Department of Anatomical Pathology
155 Crystal Run Road
Middletown, NY 10941
Telephone: 845-703-6999

Application Process

All applicants applying for open Crystal Run positions must submit an employment application through the website or e-mail it directly to a human resources representative.

We contact qualified applicants via telephone or email for screening or an interview.

If Crystal Run Healthcare needs any additional information as part of the hiring process, the recruiter or hiring manager will contact the applicant directly by telephone or e-mail.

Alex J. Gershenhorn

Alex J. Gershenhorn MD
Board Certified: 
About Me: 

The concept of helping people in a meaningful way, combined with the utilization of education and learned tools, was what made me decide to pursue medicine. I want to impact people in one of the most important aspects of their lives, which would be their health, in a positive and beneficial manner.

Ramzi A. Tawil

Ramzi Tawil
Board Certified: 
Family Medicine
About Me: 

My strong desire to help those in need helped nurture my desire to become a doctor. In high school I knew I wanted to be involved in healthcare. Growing up in a lower income family without health insurance, I know all too well the value of good health care.

Alicia M. Weissman

Alicia M. Weissman MD
Board Certified: 
Family Medicine
About Me: 

Having my appendix removed at age 12 triggered my interest in medicine. Also, my mother is a physician, although she didn't work during my childhood. I used to go to the basement and read her old textbooks when I was bored at home.

Anousheh Ghezel-Ayagh

Anousheh Ghezel-Ayagh MD
Board Certified: 
Infectious Disease
About Me: 

I am very close to my uncle who is also a physician. He always thought I would be well suited to the field. I followed his recommendation and I have never questioned my decision.

Dorian Y. Gomez

Dorian Y. Gomez MD
Board Certified: 
Internal Medicine, Pulmonary Disease, Critical Care, Sleep Medicine
About Me: 

I think since a very young age; growing up with one of my parents having health issues, I needed to learn to be a caregiver early and be supportive.

James Brockunier

James Brockunier MD, FACOG
Board Certified: 
Obstetrics & Gynecology
About Me: 

My dad was a GYN Oncologist at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center and I always remember watching 35mm slides of family vacations with the rest of the family and my dad would always put in a tray of pictures of his latest surgeries. You could see how excited he was talking about the cases. I knew he loved it and I thought that I bet I would love that too.