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Earplugs: Solid silicone earplugs customized to offer maximum noise protection. The plugs can be corded to prevent loss. Available in clear, colors, tie-dye, or glitter.

Swim Plugs: Solid silicone earplugs specifically designed to keep water out of ears. Available in single or tie-dye colors. Plugs come with removal handles and a carrying case.

Musician’s Earplugs: Silicone earplugs with filtered attachments offer decrease in overall sound level without degrading richness of music and speech. These are recommended for anyone who wants hearing protection but needs to maintain the audibility/intelligibility of speech (i.e., bus drivers, dental professionals, musicians).  Available in clear, colors, tie-dye, and glitter.

Hunter’s Earplugs: Valved vinyl earplugs. The valve stays open in order to hear speech and surrounding sounds comfortably, but when high sound pressure of rifle blast is present, valve closes to provide hearing protection. Available in clear or colors.

iPod or MP3 earphones: Your earphones are embedded in custom silicone or acrylic earpieces. Customized shape of earpieces block ambient background noise and allow the listener to lower the music volume to a safer level. Available in clear, colors, tie-dye, or glitter.

Musician’s Monitors: For the performing or recording artist. Listen to playback of your music with earphones imbedded in custom earpieces. Available in clear, colors, picture designs, tie-dye, and glitter.

Sleep Plugs: Small, canal size silicone plugs custom molded for your ears to maintain comfort while sleeping. Removal string attached. Available in clear, colors, tie-dye, and glitter.



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