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Hearing Aid Evaluations: Review of audiological test results and selection of appropriate amplification.  During this one-hour appointment, the patient may sample a pair of demonstration hearing aids to have a general idea of how amplification sounds.

Hearing Aid Fitting:  Occurs 2-3 weeks following the hearing aid evaluation.  This one-hour appointment is used to orient the patient to the new hearing aids – how to use and care for them.

Hearing Aid Maintenance:  In-office repairs, amplification adjustments, and electroacoustic analyses, and instrument cleanings.

Hearing Aid Accessories:  wide variety of tools and accessories available for use with hearing aids.  These include cleaning implements, storage cases, remote controls, Bluetooth/audio streamers, retention devices, etc.  Assistive devices for use with or without hearing aids are also available, such as amplified telephones and TV listening devices.



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