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8 Reasons to See a Cardiologist


Heart health should always be taken seriously. After all, it is your heart that keeps the rest of your body alive, and making sure it is healthy should be a medical priority.

However, despite the importance of heart health, many people don’t know when to see a cardiologist or why.

What is a cardiologist? A cardiologist is a heart doctor who can help prevent heart disease through tests, screening, and regular checkups. They can also treat certain heart conditions and their symptoms. Diseases like coronary artery disease, heart failure, or heart arrhythmias can all be diagnosed or treated by a cardiologist.

Regular visits with a cardiologist are recommended, especially as you age, but some signs could indicate you need to see one soon.

These signs include symptoms like chest pain or irregular heartbeat. If you have a history of smoking, high blood pressure, or diabetes, you may also need to see a cardiologist more often than others.

If you are experiencing heart-related health problems or symptoms or think you may need to visit a cardiologist, contact Crystal Run Healthcare at 845-703-6999, or visit our cardiology page for more information on this specialty and how to get treatment if you’re in the New York area.

Reasons to See a Cardiologist Infographic

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