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What is Palliative Care?

Welcome to Palliative Care at Crystal Run. Palliative Care is patient and family centered care to improve the quality of life of patients with advanced illnesses. Palliative care provides support for those with chronic and terminal medical conditions like CHF, COPD, Cancer, Stroke, Neurological Diseases, Dementia, and terminal illnesses, and also helps to reduce their emergency room visits and hospitalization.

At Crystal Run, our Palliative Care program covers outpatient, hospital, and home visits, and focuses on:

  • Management of distressing physical symptoms
  • Psychosocial and Spiritual Support
  • Advanced Care Planning


What is the Difference between Palliative Care and Hospice?

Palliative Care is initiated at any time during the treatment of a chronic or advancing illness, at any age.  With Palliative Care, treatments are not limited, and can range from conservative to aggressive and curative.

Hospice cares for patients with a life expectancy measured in months, not years, with limited treatment options that focus on alleviating  symptoms, rather than treating an underlying disease. With Hospice, the main goal is to promote comfort. 


Better Care at Crystal Run

Patients who have a progressive decrease in functional status and/or severe frailty, recurrent distressing symptoms despite optimal treatment, and more than 1 hospitalization or 2 ED visits within 6 months, should be referred to the Palliative Care program at Crystal Run. 

At Crystal Run, our expert Palliative Care team will work collaboratively with Primary Care Providers (PCPs) and Specialists to determine the best approach to caring for you, and is made up of:

  • Andrew Faskowitz, DO

  • Care Team Nurse Practitioners

  • Care Managers



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