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Avoid Overindulging This Holiday Season – 6 Easy Steps


Oh the holidays! For many of us, we get caught up in the idea of eat, drink, and be merry. Gatherings with our family and friends often turn into a time of overindulgence. For a healthier holiday season, it’s important to manage how much you’re eating during holiday meals. Try some of the tips below to help stop you from overdoing it this holiday season and keep your health on track as you head into the New Year.    

  1. Drink lots of water

The more water you drink, the less you’ll wind up eating. It will also help you consume less alcoholic or sugary beverages throughout the day.

  1. Eat before you go

While we all want to maximize the amount of delicious holiday food we can consume, showing up hungry increases your chance of overeating. If you’re meal is centered around lunch time, eat breakfast before you go, or if it’s during dinner, be sure to eat lunch.

  1. Put veggies on your plate first

We tend to load up on our holiday favorites first which for the most part are carbs filled with salt or smothered in butter. This year, try putting the healthy options on your plate first. They’re nutritious, filling, and just as delicious as the other items on the table!

  1. Choose your plate wisely

Using a smaller plate will help keep your portions top of mind because you’ll be mindful of trying to fit everything you like on your plate.

Looking for a colorful solution? A study by Appetite shows evidence that eating on a red plate reduces how much you eat, possibly because our brains see red as a signal to stop. Why not try is and see if it works!

  1. Remember, alcohol has calories, too

Overdrinking can be just as bad as overeating, with some potentially embarrassing side effects. Just remember, consuming alcohol is drinking your calories, so keep the cocktails to a minimum, drink water and save your calories for eating!

  1. Try sampling the desserts

By the time dessert is being served, most of us are already full. Be conscious of how full you are and try a small piece of dessert rather than taking a normal portion. It will help cut down on your sugar and calorie intake and may even spare you from feeling too full to function!


One of the most important things to keep in mind is to not be too hard on yourself. Try to start small by focusing on one or two steps to decrease your likelihood of overindulging. Focusing on the healthy options will leave you feeling full and provide you with important nutrients. If you do wind up overindulging this holiday season, give yourself a break, there’s always next year!