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Crystal Run Healthcare’s Eric Barbanel, MD, Represents Healthcare Providers as Panel Member for Choosing Wisely Patient Champions Program


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Dr. Barbanel Invited by Consumer Reports to Recruit Choosing Wisely Patient Champions

Middletown, N.Y. – June 6th, 2017 – Crystal Run Healthcare primary care physician and Choosing Wisely champion, Eric W. Barbanel, MD, was recently invited by Consumer Reports to be a judge in their Choosing Wisely Patient Champions Program. The program, recently launched by Consumer Reports, is a nationwide search that recruits and recognizes patient champions as everyday people who actively encourage conversations between patients and their providers, with the critical goal of ensuring everyone’s care is as safe as possible.


As a Choosing Wisely Champion, Dr. Barbanel identified patients that have displayed and used the Choosing Wisely principles who will be extensively trained by Consumer Reports. These patients will join a team of activists to promote the concepts of “talking with your doctor” to their respective communities over the next year, in an effort to improve uptake of value based care from the patient perspective. In addition, patient champions will spread the message of Choosing Wisely and the importance of talking about medical overuse with others, and will learn how to successfully alter our culture of overuse.


“I feel honored to have been chosen by Consumer Reports to participate and represent healthcare providers as a judge in this new iteration of the movement toward value based care.  As the Choosing Wisely champion at Crystal Run Healthcare, I‘ve been working to help incorporate Choosing Wisely recommendations derived from multiple academic societies into the care that we provide here, in an effort to improve the triple aim (improved quality, improved patient experience, and decreased cost).  I’ve been able to develop a great working relationship with Consumer Reports and Choosing Wisely leadership who have supplied us with multiple resources to achieve these goals,” said Eric W. Barbanel, MD, primary care physician and Choosing Wisely champion at Crystal Run Healthcare.