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Why Kids Need Regular Physical Exams


Regular physical exams are an important part of ensuring your kids stay healthy and happy. Annual physicals are important for all kids, no matter how old or young they are.

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends well-child exams (which include a complete physical exam) annually for kids aged 3 and older, and more frequently for babies and very young children.

What to Expect During a Physical

During a physical (also called a “check-up” or “well-child visit”) your child’s pediatrician will typically perform a complete physical exam.

This involves taking your child’s height and weight and checking their vital signs (heart rate and blood pressure). The pediatrician will also assess your child’s eyesight, hearing, along with their lung and heart function using a stethoscope.

The pediatrician will ask about past medical issues, family history disease, and your child’s vaccine history. They may recommend and administer childhood vaccines during your visit. The pediatrician may also ask about your child’s diet and offer recommendations.

Well-child visits are an opportunity to discuss how your child is developing physically, socially, and emotionally. Addressing issues and concerns early on can help ensure your child’s well-being.

When Should Kids Start Getting Annual Physicals?

In the first few years of life your child will need frequent visits (every 1-6 months). From age 3 on, the AAP recommends annual check-ups.
Once your child reaches school age, they may only need a physical once every other year. However, if your child has health problems or a history of family illness, it’s important to talk to their pediatrician about how frequently your child needs check-ups.
New York State schools require well-child exams for kids in pre-K, kindergarten, and grades 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, and 11. Kids enrolled in interscholastic sports must have an annual physical exam.    
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