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Welcome to Integrative Medicine at Crystal Run Healthcare.

What is Integrative Medicine?

Intuitively, we know deep down that health and wellbeing is not simply a physical body that is working. Our mental, spiritual, social, and emotional health contributes to the whole. Our connection and relationship with others, with nature, even with our very selves including our sense of purpose – all contribute to our health.

Integrative Medicine is an approach to care that considers the totality of the patient, while being mindful of the innate ability of the person to heal. It puts importance on the partnership between the provider and patient in that healing process. It combines the best of conventional medicine and healing sciences from other traditions. It focuses on prevention through lifestyle changes, stress management, nutrition, and movement.

What to expect at an Integrative Medicine visit?

A board-certified Integrative Medicine provider will see you. The first visit is about an hour long and will consist of a series of questions that aims to get to know all aspects of your health and everything that may potentially affect it. Be prepared to answer questions about your diet, sources of stress, lifestyle, spirituality, emotional health, belief systems, life traumas, and relationships with the people around you. If you take herbal and dietary supplements, it is advised that you bring the bottles with you.

What sort of recommendations will be given?

A very personalized plan will be recommended based on your history, symptoms, and diagnosis. It will be a collaborative effort between you and the Integrative Medicine provider. Additional testing may be necessary depending on your needs. Recommendations may include herbal or dietary supplements, nutritional strategies, and movement. You may be referred to experts of other modalities such as acupuncture, yoga, mindfulness-based stress reduction, chiropractor, massage therapy, and cognitive-behavioral therapists.

Why should I go to an Integrative Medicine provider?

Most physicians and providers are well versed and trained in conventional medicine. However, an Integrative Medicine practitioner will take on a more holistic approach towards you and your health. This provides a more thorough understanding of aspects of your life that may have an impact on your health. Having that integrated approach to health may give you a more comprehensive approach to maintaining and improving health and wellbeing. In addition, if you have chronic illnesses, an Integrative Medicine provider can make recommendations that will help alleviate symptoms, support you in your illness, and potentially improve your quality of life. Please note, an Integrative Medicine provider does not replace your primary care physician.

What illnesses can be helped by Integrative Medicine?

Integrative Medicine can potentially help people dealing with chronic illnesses such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, chronic fatigue syndrome, chronic pain syndromes, migraine, menopause, irritable bowel syndrome, fibromyalgia, obesity, autoimmune disorders and cancer.



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