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All About Ticks


Ticks are very common in the US. Depending on the species, a tick may feed on one or several different hosts throughout its lifetime. Because some ticks can transmit dangerous diseases, it’s important to know how to prevent, detect, and treat bites.

There are hundreds of tick species in the world, and many species are found in North America. The United States is home to the lone star tick, dog tick, and black-legged (deer) tick, among many others.

Ticks can detect body odor, vibrations, moisture, and even shadows. This allows them to identify paths that humans and animals frequent, and attach their front legs to hosts as they pass. Cover your body before entering tick-prone areas.

You can be bitten by a tick without even knowing it happened. This is why you should check for ticks from head to toe every time you come in from outside. A bite can look like a bump or rash, and can itch, swell and burn.

Want more information about ticks? Check out this great infographic from Crystal Run Healthcare that will answer all your questions, including what do ticks look like, how do you check for ticks, and when should you see a doctor after a tick bite?

All About Ticks Infographic

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