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The Healthy Diabetic Diet: What to Avoid & What to Enjoy


If you are a diabetic, the food you eat is important to staying healthy, as well as regular visits to your endocrinologist to keep track of your health. Your diabetes doctor measures your blood sugar and risk for health complications. However, diet is a major part of managing your condition.

People with diabetes should avoid starchy vegetables, saturated and trans fats, fried foods, and high-calorie beverages in general. French fries and sodas are practically off limits. Red meat should be avoided.

Also, stay away from white bread, cereal, pasta, and other simple carbohydrates.

However, you can enjoy many other foods as a diabetic. Non-starchy vegetables such as eggplant, zucchini, and others are fine, while whole grain food items like whole wheat bread, brown rice, and legumes are healthy. You can also indulge in fruits, low-fat dairy, and lean protein. There are even healthy fat sources you can eat, including fish, nuts, and avocado.

A healthy diet is only one way to manage your health, but an important one. Be sure to take your medication and follow other recommendations made by your endocrinology specialist. View our other tips, and healthy/unhealthy food choices, below, and use Crystal Run Healthcare to find a diabetes specialist near me today.

The Healthy Diabetic Diet Infographic
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