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Employee Spotlight I Keffion Mensah, MSN, RN

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Meet Keffion Mensah, MSN, RN Nursing Supervisor


Why do you love working at Crystal Run Healthcare?

Crystal Run Healthcare has provided a great opportunity to me as a developing Nursing Professional.  I am extremely appreciative to work with and lead a great group of nursing staff (Nurses, MA, Unit Clerks) and embrace the family-oriented atmosphere that Crystal Run promotes.  On a daily basis, I have an opportunity to collaborate with other departments in providing care to our patients and have frequent interaction with Directors and other Leaders to improve the life and experience of our patients.     

What career path did you take to get to where you are today?

I started at CRHC as a Registered Nurse in Urgent Care. I was promoted to Nursing Supervisor for Urgent Care, before transitioning to Nursing Supervisor in Monroe and my current position shortly after.

What advice do you have for someone just starting out in your field?

Nursing is a rewarding field whether you are a Medical Assistant, Nurse, or support staff.  My advice is to be open to new knowledge and experiences; be empathetic to the needs of your patients and always remember they are someone’s mother, father, daughter, etc on the other side of the line. 

How do you help shape the patient experience at CRHC?

Patient experience is very important to me as a Nursing Supervisor of the Monroe Building.  Every patient is unique and experience is unique. In conjunction with the Director of Operations and Front Desk Supervisor for the building, I treat every patient as important and interact with each patient to enhance their experience with frequent hellos during my building rounds, checking to ensure patients are waiting in the correct area and personally following up for any patient who is waiting an extended period for their appointment. 



Keffion's Career Path at Crystal Run:

2015 – Registered Nurse in Urgent Care 

2017 – Nursing Supervisor Urgent Care 

2019 – Nursing Supervisor – Monroe 

2022 –  Nursing Supervisor – Monroe and Primary Care